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Cardano announces its second major partnership in Africa

 Cardano announces its second major partnership in Africa

"IOHK" and "World Mobile" have collaborated on an initiative that will use the Cardano blockchain to create digital identities and a mobile internet connection with the aim of providing many financial services to the Tanzanian community.

Cardano announces its second major partnership in Africa

  • The country of Tanzania decides to benefit from Cardano:

The continent of Africa, which consists of 1.3 billion people, has a huge problem with connecting to the Internet.

According to undisclosed statistics, more than half of the population (about 700 million people), do not have access to the Internet.

The country of Tanzania is no exception.

The East African country suffers from the quality of education, healthcare system, and mobile phone connectivity because it lacks the elements of global connectivity.

Yesterday, IOHK and the World Mobile Group unveiled a partnership aimed at creating better access to social, digital, and financial services in Tanzania through the Cardano blockchain.

The report stated that the project resulting from the partnership will start from Zanzibar.

Their main goal will be to provide a high-quality internet connection while using sustainable solar-powered energy sources.

Mr. Mickey Watkins, CEO of "World Mobile", stressed the importance of the project along with "IOHK":
"World Mobile" has built a network based on a new relationship between people and communication through which ownership, governance and identity enable the user and provide access for all in a sustainable way.

I am delighted to have formed this symbolic partnership with “IOHK”.

Together our efforts will open a new world.

  •  Cardano's conquest of Africa:

This news came a few days after Cardano announced its partnership with another African country. On April 27, Cardano cooperated with the Ministry of Education in Ethiopia.

With its partnership with the Ethiopian Foundation, Cardano aims to create a nationwide blockchain-based identifier for registering certificates in the country.

Currently, Cardano is the sixth largest cryptocurrency venture by total market value.