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Apple adds more than 30 games to Arcade

 Apple adds more than 30 games to Arcade

Apple's game-streaming service called Arcade has gotten a huge update for new games, including some mobile classics.

Apple adds more than 30 games to Arcade

And includes the latest expansion of the service more than just new games, as Apple launched what it says: It is the largest expansion of the service so far, by adding 30 games, making the library includes more than 180 games.

  • There are some new original releases, such as: NBA 2K1, The Oregon Trail, Fantasian, World of Demons, and PlatinumGames.

  • As part of the update, the service is getting two new classes of games it calls Timeless Classics and Best in the App Store Greats.

  • And for the App Store Greats, Apple is adding to the service a number of notable best games for mobile phones, including Threes, Monument Valley, Mini Metro, and Remaster from Cut the Rope.
Meanwhile, Timeless Classics refer to popular games, such as backgammon, solitaire, chess, and sudoku.

While most Arcade games are playable across Apple TV, Mac, and iOS, these new categories only work on iPhone and iPad.

Apple launched Arcade for the first time in 2019 as a new option for premium games on a platform dominated by free-to-play experiences.

Apple has been in a constant race to justify the monthly subscription fee for Arcade (it's now included in the Apple One) but has historically focused on newer games.

The addition of the old games enhances the overall roster, in addition to being an acknowledgment that some players may want to see familiar games alongside the new ones.

The original version of the platform was a service full of new and largely exclusive games from developers such as (Hironobu Sakaguchi), the developer of Final Fantasy, and a number of indie developers.

Despite the quality of the games and the relatively low price (subscription value is $ 4.99 / month), it is said: Apple is not satisfied with the amount of interaction the games are getting, which may be the reason behind this recent shift in direction.