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Amazon announces new Echo Buds with ANC feature


 Amazon announces new Echo Buds with ANC feature

Amazon announced the second generation of Echo Buds, so the new wireless earbuds improve the original with a more comfortable design - 20 percent smaller - and improved active noise cancellation.

Amazon announces new Echo Buds with ANC feature

The 2021 version of the Echo Buds wireless earbuds comes at $ 119.99 for the earbuds and the charging case for the USB-C port, or $ 139.99 if the charging case is upgraded to the wireless charging version.

And Amazon provided a discount for a limited time, so that the regular group drops to $ 99.99, while the wireless group becomes at $ 119.99, with the new Echo Buds to be released on May 13.

Aside from reducing them, Amazon has also made design changes that focus on comfort in the Echo Buds, as the headphones now have a design with vents, such as: AirPods Pro and Pixel Buds, to reduce unwanted ear pressure.

The company shortened it so that the Echo Buds did not reach deep into the ear canal, the outer depth was reduced to get more flow, and the ear tips - which come in four sizes attached - are now oval.

Instead of the glossy touch surface as on the original Echo Buds, the outward-facing exterior is now matte.

Amazon put its logo on the earbuds this time, and the headphones come in white in addition to black.

The company says: The second-generation earphones are able to cancel out twice as much noise as they were previously, and when in transit mode, you can adjust the amount of ambient noise that you want to come through.

Audio quality has also seen some improvements, according to an Amazon press release: Echo Buds provide clear, balanced sound with extended dynamic range so you get the most out of your music, regardless of genre.

The statement added: The loudspeakers have been optimized to increase fidelity in low-frequency sound, which reduces distortion during media playback, and delivers vibrant melodies and clear spoken words.

And headphones Echo Buds of the second generation are rated as resistant to water and sweat, and Amazon says: The microphones on these earbuds have also been improved to pick up lower frequencies compared to the previous generation, providing better quality for voice calls.

Battery life is estimated at five hours of listening with noise cancellation enabled, with two additional charges in the case for a total of 15 hours.

The case now includes LED status indicators for each individual earbud, and if the battery is low, charging via USB-C for 15 minutes gives you about two hours of playback.

Amazon hopes that a large part of the Echo Buds' appeal is the ability to use Alexa everywhere you go.

Later this year, Amazon says it is adding the VIP Filter feature that first appeared via Echo Frames, which allows you to choose which notifications you want to hear and avoid the rest.