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Adidas launches customizable shoe via Lego blocks


 Adidas launches customizable shoe via Lego blocks

Adidas and Lego have announced their collaboration to launch a new pair of running shoes.

Adidas launches customizable shoe via Lego blocks

Although this sentence might prompt some to immediately think of running shoes made from real plastic Lego pieces, the product that the two companies have settled on seems a lot more reasonable, as they took the Adidas Ultraboost shoe and gave it a bit of LEGO® touches.

Building on this collaboration, Adidas launched a new version of its Ultraboost DNA running shoes called the Adidas Ultraboost DNA X Lego Plates.

  • The new shoe is somewhat similar to the Ultraboost DNA that most Adidas fans are familiar with, except for one major difference being the replacement of the iconic Adidas stripes with three LEGO panels, allowing for more customization of the shoe.

  • Triple Lego stripes appear on either side of each shoe, giving the wearer 12 ribbons in all for customization, and attached to it is a set of flat Lego bricks that owners can use to create the lines.

The shoes also feature a few other Lego touches, including the Lego logo on the tongue and Lego cut-pattern details on the upper and sole of the shoe.

The inner liner is also made in the LEGO® light yellow color scheme, and there is also a Lego bricks design on the toe area, but cannot be customized.

  • The shoe has transparent plastic slots on the side in the shape of flat LEGO boards in size 2 x 6, large enough to fit three dual Lego pieces in each strap.

And although this Adidas shoe comes with a set of lego pieces in basic colors, there is presumably nothing stopping you from swapping your pieces for more interesting colors for a more personalized look.

The Adidas Ultraboost DNA X Lego shoes are scheduled to go on sale today, Thursday, April 8th, through the Adidas website, for $ 200.