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Klopp: I will not quit from Liverpool

 Klopp: I will not quit Liverpool because of the European Super League ... and stop blaming us!

Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp asked not to blame them after the English club agreed to participate in the new European Super League.

Klopp: I will not quit from Liverpool

Yesterday, 12 European clubs announced their approval of the adoption of a new tournament under the name of the European Super League, led by Liverpool.

This led to the clubs being criticized.

Leeds United's players, before their match today against Liverpool, wore special shirts to express their rejection of the idea of ​​the new league

  • Klopp admitted that they refused to wear similar shirts after they found them in the locker room, before the match, which ended in a 1-1 positive draw.

  • "I don't think it's true," Klopp said. "They put those shirts in our dressing room. I don't think we deserve it. I don't like the way a lot of people talk about Liverpool. There will be reasons behind the championship decision. The club owners are not gamblers." Here we are, we are the face of the club. "

  • And he added: "When we got here and the Leeds fans shouted at us as if we had made the decision but we did not, the club is bigger than all of us, we should not forget that I do not forget that and that is why I am subjected to criticism for everything I endure, but the team did not participate in this issue and did not participate." I don't feel responsible for that. "

  • He added, "This is a great football club. At this very moment, we cannot blame the team for that. I take criticism for everything, but this has nothing to do with us."

  • He continued: "Now people are writing articles about what they should do to us. People are shouting at us. We have to be careful because we are also human. I understand all the hadith and I don't like that."

  • He continued: "Do not forget that we have nothing to do with what is happening, we still have to play football, what is happening is not really good. The owners of the club are wonderful people and they will try to explain the decisions, will I understand that? I do not know but this is not my decision yet."

  • He stressed: "Things will change in the future, maybe not now, maybe in a few years, the European Union has made a decision on the European Champions League. There are more matches than before and I said I do not like it but they still do it."

  • He continued: "I coach a football team. If people want to criticize me, that is okay, but my criticism of things outside the stadium is not fair, and everyone should not forget that."

  • He concluded: "I do not run away when there are problems, I will never run because things do not go my way, I am responsible for this club and this team, I heard today that I will resign but I feel the responsibility towards the team and the club and the relationship we have with our fans, I will try to settle the matter in a way." What, if times get tough, that makes me more determined to stay here. "