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Digital currency “Dogecoin” achieves a new record

 The digital currency "Dogecoin" is achieving a new record and advancing in the ranking of the largest cryptocurrencies

The phrase “There are no dull days in the crypto market” is 100% correct.

Digital currency “Dogecoin” achieves a new record

The digital currency "DOGE", which began in the form of a joke and has become a popular currency praised by world celebrities, has jumped to a new record high at $ 0.38.

With its big rush, “Dogecoin” has become the 5th largest cryptocurrency by market value.

The total market value of “DOGE” currency is now greater than giants such as “Motorola” and “Delta Airlines”, and from large projects such as Cardano and Litecoin…

The digital currency “Dogecoin” has always captured people's attention, and this week or last week was no exception.

The digital currency "DOGE" traded at $ 0.06 on the tenth of April, after which its value exploded and rose by about 500% so far.

The digital currency entered the top ten by market value and continued its northward rise to its current position as the biggest cryptocurrency.

Additionally, the market value of “Dogecoin” surpasses some well-known companies with decades of history.

According to AssetDash, DOGE is currently one of the 400 largest assets by market value, putting it ahead of names such as Motorola, Komatsu, and Delta Airlines.

Dogecoin is experiencing an impressive reliance on celebrities.

Recently, Mark Cuban, the billionaire investor and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, stated that he had accepted the digital currency “DOGE” in payments for goods and tickets to his team, and pledged never to sell one coin.

When it comes to billionaires and celebrities, Elon Musk is one of the currency's biggest supporters.

Just recently he posted a picture of a dog heading towards the moon.

 Earlier, he told Musk that he had bought some Dogecoins for his son.

If "Musk" still keeps the digital coins that he bought for his child, then this "little kid" will make big profits.

DOGE was trading at $ 0.07 when Musk made his announcement to buy DOGE for his son.

The current price of the digital currency "DOGE" is $ 0.38, which means a return of investment of 443% within two months.