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Casio unveils the G-Shock smartwatch with Wear OS

 Casio unveils the G-Shock smartwatch with Wear OS

Casio unveiled the first rugged smartwatch from G-Shock using Google's Wear OS platform.

Casio unveils the G-Shock smartwatch with Wear OS

The GSW-H1000, part of Casio's durable G-Squad Pro lineup, boasts a host of sporty features and is also the first G-Shock watch to feature a color display.

As you'd expect in a G-Shock watch, the GSW-H1000 has a rugged appearance with titanium back for added durability for shock resistance and underwater survival up to 200 meters.

  • The watch gets a Wear OS in addition to a dual-layer display with an always-on LCD to display the time along with a 1.2-inch color LCD screen that can display maps, notifications, sensor data, and other information.

These additions mark the first time for G-Shock watches, even though Casio uses Wear OS in its Pro Trek lineup.

The watch also includes sensors, including built-in GPS, optical heart rate sensor, compass, altitude, barometric pressure, and more.

The Casio app also includes 24 options for indoor exercise and 15 activities, including running, cross-road cycling, and swimming or extreme sports like surfing and snowboarding.

Meanwhile, Wear OS gives you access to smartphone notifications, several apps, and access to Google Assistant.

As the flagship product of the sport-focused G-SQUAD line, the GSW-H1000 is useful for use in a wide range of sports settings.

  • The screen features a three-level layout interface that users can customize to suit their goals.
But one of the big negative factors is the battery life, which reaches 1.5 days with the color screen, although this extends to a month in the normal watch mode.

The Casio G-Squad Pro GSW-H1000 comes in red, black, and blue colors and costs $ 700 in the US and £ 600 in the UK.

It is scheduled to arrive in mid-May, and although it has not yet appeared on the US G-Shock site, you can find it on the UK website and request an alert when it arrives.