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5 Most Expensive Non-Exchangeable Digital NFT Tokens Ever Sold

 5 Most Expensive Non-Exchangeable Digital NFT Tokens Ever Sold

Non-exchangeable digital tokens, or "NFT", are changing the way we think about many traditional things and investors are starting to notice this.

5 Most Expensive Non-Exchangeable Digital NFT Tokens Ever Sold

Last year, NFT took the lead in the cryptocurrency space.

Unique cryptographically unique digital tokens enable the creation of real-world scarcity of digital objects, and artists have seized the opportunity provided by this technology.

The year 2021 witnessed a significant increase in interest in non-exchangeable digital tokens “NFT”, as the interest of “Google” research in the term reached its highest numbers ever, and NFT markets and stores such as “Nifty Gateway” and “OpenSea” are recording record trading volumes as they look to Everyone has to deal with this emerging asset class.

For your information, it is not just interest that is increasing.

In the past six months, nine out of ten most expensive NFTs ever sold, demonstrating serious investor appetite for these emerging digital tokens.

With this in mind, below are the 5 most expensive non-exchangeable digital currencies:

5 Most Expensive Non-Exchangeable Digital NFT Tokens Ever Sold

1. Every day, for 5,000 days: $ 69.3 million

The record for the most expensive non-exchangeable digital NFT symbol ever sold (and one of the most expensive artwork ever sold) goes for a photo that includes a collection of photos taken every day for 5,000 days.

The artwork, designed by renowned digital artist Mike "Pebble" Winckelmann ", sold for $ 69.3 million at Christie's auction, the first time the esteemed auction house has sold a purely digital artwork.

This NFT represents a collection of 5,000 of Pebble's earlier artworks, demonstrating his development as an artist over the course of his career.

The artwork was bought by “Metakovan”, who initially remained a pseudonym, but later revealed his identity.

The second highest bidder for the lot was none other than CEO and founder of Tron, Justin Sun, who made a whopping $ 60.2 million bid before Sundarisan snapped him in the final second.

 2. CryptoPunk 7804 Photo: $ 7.5 million

Dylan Field, CEO of design software company Figma, behind the sale of the second most expensive NFT in history, CryptoPunk # 7804 pictured below.

This NFT photo sold for $ 4,200 in 2018, and it's valued at $ 7.5 million today.

“CryptoPunks” is a randomly generated collection of 10,000 unique numerical tokens, which are some of the first examples of non-exchangeable tokens released on the Ethereum blockchain.

3. Crossroad / CROSSROAD - $ 6.66 million

“CROSSROAD” is an NFT created by the popular digital artist “Pebble”.

The digital artwork contains anti-Trump messages, and an enlarged figure resembling "Donald Trump" lies in a defeated pile with insults written on his naked body.

 "Nifty Gateway" brokered the sale of this NFT for $ 6.66 million between its original owner and an anonymous buyer.

NFT was sold out just four months after it was initially purchased, at almost 10 times its original price.

4. First Tweet: $ 2.9 million

The NFT version of the first tweet of Twitter founder and CEO, Jack Dorsey, was auctioned throughout March 2021 and finally sold for $ 2.9 million.

The tweet was minted in the form of a digital, non-exchangeable code, NFT, through a platform known as “Valuables,” which allows users to craft an NFT that represents their Tweets.


 As part of his philanthropic efforts, Dorsey pledged to instantly convert 100% of the proceeds into Bitcoin before donating them to Africa Response.

5. Photo “CryptoPunk 6965”: $ 1.54 million sold

The second “CryptoPunk” on this list, which has the number # 6965 this time.

The image features a face wearing a regular hat, however, it is unusual in its price.

The photo sold for $ 1.54 million this past February.

 As of writing this article, “CryptoPunk 6965” has been up for sale again for $ 3.42 million.

If the sale is completed, the seller will receive 122% profit.