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Mwaqit Net offers prayer times with Ramadan 2021

 Mwaqit Net offers prayer times with Ramadan 2021

With the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan 1442 AH, seasonal search terms begin to overwhelm record numbers of visitors from different countries of the world.

Mwaqit Net offers prayer times with Ramadan 2021

As usual, these questions are about prayer times and the date of the first day in Ramadan, the number of fasting hours this year, and other questions related to worship and obedience, and getting to know the consistency of the blessed month of Ramadan 2021.

Hence, competition between websites and applications that provide visitors with systems to track prayer times and fasting times from the beginning of the month of Ramadan to the end of Ramadan intensifies that contain tools designed to meet the needs of visitors from all countries, taking into account the difference in time from one country to another, which enables a person to control his obedience that is intended to be close. To God in this blessed month according to the timing that his region follows, and we remember today Mwaqet.net website, which makes all this easy for you.

Services you can find on Mwaqit Net

  • Prayer times and azan according to countries:

The site provides the ability to track prayer times in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and other countries in general according to the timing to which each country is subject, where the visitor sets the timing of his geographical area on the My Times page so that he can track the times of the call to prayer according to his place of residence.

  • Calendar of Ramadan Imsakah:

Through the Ramadan 2021 Imsak service, the user can get a schedule for the blessed month of Ramadan, which contains prayer times throughout the month, and you can also save the page on your device in your favorites and return to it daily to see the time of the suhoor start and the daily Iftar times.

  • Qibla direction for all cities:

When you enter the prayer times page for any city, you can enter the Qibla direction page from that city towards Makkah, so that after entering it a compass will appear on the page containing a red arrow that specifies the correct direction of the qiblah from the city that you have chosen.

  • Add prayer timings to your location:

A free service for website owners through which they can add a prayer schedule widget for any city around the world, and you can customize the widget shape in terms of choosing the right color for your site design, in addition to the ability to display the city’s local time, and know the remaining time to raise the next prayer’s call to prayer in minutes and seconds.