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Your AirPods' microphone is not working ... Here are 5 tips to fix the problem


 Your AirPods' microphone is not working ... Here are 5 tips to fix the problem

AirPods allow you to listen to content in high quality and deliver sounds clearly when talking to others, however after using them for a long time you may face the problem of the microphone stops working, as others cannot hear you while making calls or you cannot send messages Audio, and is intended for use only for listening to the content.

There are many reasons why the AirPods' microphone may not work properly, including: dust and dirt accumulation inside the microphone holes, incorrectly adjusting the speaker settings, and minor errors such as: pairing problem, not charging, and much more.

Here are 5 tips to fix the issue where the microphone stops working in AirPods:

1- Put your AirPods in the charging case:

Establishing a new connection with your iPhone can solve most of the AirPods' sound problems, especially if they were previously working fine, so all you have to do is place the headphones in their charging case and then take them out again.

2- Clean it from dirt:

If you have used AirPods for several months, and find that the person you are talking to is finding it difficult to hear you well, or the sound quality has become a bit poor, in this case the microphone holes may have accumulated a lot of dirt inside, which requires you to clean them.

To do this, sprinkle alcohol on a cotton swab, then wipe the microphone holes in the bottom of the speaker - the silver-colored part at the bottom of the speaker - to remove any stuck-on materials or buildup, then remove the particles you see with the naked eye with a toothpick. Or tweezers, and you must press hard on the microphone hole so as not to damage the copper mesh covering the microphones.

3- Update Driver Software:

Sometimes the microphone has stopped working in the AirPods due to not updating their driver version.To do this, place the speaker in its charging case and then connect it to a charging source and leave it next to the paired iPhone that must have been connected to the Internet for a while. Not less than 30 minutes.

To see the AirPods driver version number that you have installed to make sure it is updated, follow these steps:
Open the (Settings) application on the iPhone.

Click on the General option.

Click on the option (about) About.

Tap on the name of your AirPods.

Check the numbers displayed next to Firmware Version.

 Note: Apple does not release driver updates for the speakers periodically or frequently, so don't be surprised if you find that the same version a month ago is the same.

4- Reset AirPods:

If you still have a problem with the microphone, you can reset the headphones. To do this, place the speakers in their charging case, then press and hold the button on the charging case until the charging indicator light turns amber, then remove it and put it back in Pair it with iPhone again.

5- Buying new AirPods:

Sometimes, with repeated drops of the headphones, especially if they are on a solid floor, it is possible that they have malfunctioned or damaged, in this case if the headphones are covered by the warranty, you can go to the nearest authorized center to repair them, otherwise, buying new headphones may be the best solution. .