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You should leave anything in your hands now and run to download these add-ons for Facebook


5 best Chrome extensions for Facebook

Do you use Google Chrome when browsing Facebook? If your answer is "yes", you have come to the right place. Here we'll show you 5 great Facebook add-ons that allow you to use Chrome in a different way. Go take paper and pencil to jot down everything we'll show you here, because they're additions you shouldn't miss.

Before we show you our list of the 5 best Chrome extensions for Facebook, it is important to note that they only work on Windows or macOS computers. Although it can be used on Android phones, it does not work properly with the computer, as it was developed only for the operating systems that we mentioned above.

1- Photo Zoom for Facebook

Are you angry that you cannot see the photos you see on someone's Facebook account? Don't worry, you don't need to perform tricks or use another browser, as Photo Zoom for Facebook allows you to enlarge any picture uploaded to Facebook from Google Chrome.

As its name suggests, the only thing this extension does is allow you to increase the size of Facebook photos. Thanks to tweaking the parameters provided by Chrome, the developers have been able to add a virtual "magnifying glass" with which you can simply and quickly enlarge any image that cannot be viewed on Facebook.

2- Video Downloader Pro

If you are having problems downloading Facebook videos through web pages outside of the social network, then this extension could be very useful. Video Downloader Pro gives you the ability to download videos not only from Facebook, but also from any website on the Internet.

Running this extension for Chrome is very simple: once you see a video on Facebook, the extension will show you a small icon in the top right of the screen. By clicking on this icon, you will be able to download the Facebook video you are watching in different resolutions. Depending on the resolution and format you choose, the video will have higher or lower image quality.

3- Save to Facebook

This is the only extension officially developed by Facebook for Google Chrome, so you will not face any problems when installing and using it. The goal of Save to Facebook, as the name suggests, is to allow any user to save Facebook posts so they can be viewed later.

Thanks to this extension, you will no longer have to save videos, photos or posts using the tools provided by the social network. Once you hover over the post and click on the extension, you will be able to store Facebook content in a new tab.

4- App for Facebook

It is very common to get used to the interface that Facebook offers in its mobile version, because it is actually much better than the one we can see on the computer. If this happens to you every time you log into your Facebook account from your computer, there is a solution that you can access for free.

By downloading the application extension for Facebook, you will be able to see the Facebook website in a small window in your browser. In short, this extension will allow you to access the mobile interface of the social network from the Chrome browser.

5- Alle Nachrichten für Facebook

Tired of manually deleting messages from Facebook chats? With this extension for Karam, you will no longer have to waste all your time when deleting messages that you send or receive through the Facebook messaging app.

Simple and effective, this extension provides you with a function with which you can delete messages in one go with just one click. Once you have installed this extension in Chrome, you should go to Facebook and go to the chat section where you want to delete the messages. While in this conversation, you should look for the extension icon on the top right of the screen to delete all messages