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What is the SmartBlock feature in Firefox and how will you improve the browsing experience?

 What is the SmartBlock feature in Firefox and how will you improve the browsing experience?

Mozilla developed for Firefox users provided a new standard for maintaining their privacy in version (Firefox 86) when you use the hidden browsing mode (Incognito Mode) through the full protection feature of cookies, but still, there are features that cause many problems in the browser: Feature (blocking content) built-in that can cause many websites.

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In order to fix these problems, Mozilla launched a new smart tracking projection mechanism in the browser version (Firefox 87) that allows you to browse in particular without disrupting websites as before, what is this feature, and how do you work?

This feature is called SmartBlock and is now available in the new update from the browser version of desktops that holds the number (Firefox 87) where the feature is repairing sites that are disrupted when browsing in hidden browsing mode or when activating strict mode.

Previously, the trace protection in the Firefox browser is completely prohibited scripts, images, and other contents of external conflicts, however, some websites require these trace components from via locations to work well, otherwise, they will face numerous problems, such as: images or weaknesses Performance or even not load the web pages.

But now, with the SmartBlock feature, these problems will disappear because the new feature will provide local reserves for prohibited external trace texts, so these backup scripts are acted as the original texts to ensure that the site is functioning correctly, and it allows for disabled sites that are dependent On original scripts with their functions properly.

Mozilla said in the support document: "Pool modules feature SmartBlock backup with Firefox and do not carry any actual contents of the trace codes at all, so there is no chance for them to track you this way. Of course, do not carry backup programs that contain any code that supports trace function. "

Additionally, the new update also provides improvements on the Highlight ALL (FIND in Page), where the tag is displayed by the scroll bar that corresponds to the matches located on this page, as well as full support for the Mac OS operating system Lame (VoiceOver), and many other minor improvements to the user interface, along with safety and general adjustments.