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WandaVision Season 1 review


 WandaVision Season 1 review

From the movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we are accustomed to seeing a lot of action, suspense and stunning visual effects with the latest technologies and visually wonderful battles, especially on the big screen, which drew for us a certain style that we have followed and loved for many years. For this reason, many people (including myself) may have been surprised when the WandaVision series was first announced and the new and strange formula that it will present, which may not be found in any other similar formula in any other work and not only within the Marvel cinematic universe. On the one hand, WandaVision is the first series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and not any series, but is based on classic comedy series, and is free of intense action and huge visual effects. But after watching the whole season, I can say that this is the series that I never thought I wanted, but I'm so happy we got it.

WandaVision Season 1 review

The series is wonderful and very bold in its new form, which may not have attracted many people at first, but when you watch it in full as a single story, we realize that it is distinct and very important to link the third and fourth stages, which paves the way in a wonderful way in front of the upcoming works, the multiverse, Dr. All seasoned fans of the Marvel universe are waiting with great anticipation to find out what happened to the beloved characters after the end of Avengers: Endgame. It was so wonderful to see the creativity of Disney and Marvel in the first series of a shared universe, which made me very excited about the series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

On the other hand, it is true that there are many jokes that will find great resonance with people who have watched the old classic comedy series that the series is inspired by, but the great thing about the series is that it can reach all followers, whether they watch those series or not. It was fun every week after the end of each episode to sit and search through Google to find out which series was inspired by this week’s episode, and what hidden surprises were hidden in every corner.

But that doesn't mean WandaVision hasn't suffered from some downsides to it. As he added an ambiguity character, especially in the first episodes that instead of presenting revelations, more questions are posed without answers, as he suddenly throws us into a strange world without any explanation about it, in which we find Vision alive without any explanation, and he is with Wanda within A variety of comedies that jump a decade with each episode, leaving you feeling confused and overwhelmed at first. With the formula of the series, which comes in the form of weekly episodes ranging from 30-50 minutes instead of one at a time, and given that the length of the episode was only 30 minutes at the beginning, it was frustrating for everyone to have to wait a whole week before knowing what will happen the next episode, to the point that it became The phrase "Please Stand By" that appears the moment each episode ends is one of the most popular phrases on the Internet expressing frustration, especially because everyone was hungry for more about the universe.

It is worth noting that the series was cut short during its presentation, and it turned from 10 to 9 episodes according to the statements, and even it was announced recently that there is a scene cut out at the end about one of the characters in the series that issued many theories about it and which viewers expected a very important disclosure about it, Ultimately, however, the scene was truncated to the point that anyone who had not read the news of its truncation would feel that the suspense was not where it was. The same applies to other events in the series, as the organizers of it planted many hidden hints (Easter Eggs) that made the Internet overflowing every week with analyzes and speculations about some of the characters and what they mean or hide, but many of them were eventually lost.

Although the positive aspect of this matter was my weekly enjoyment of following all expectations and enthusiasm on the Internet surrounding the episode, unfortunately with the end of the series and a good part of it was not achieved, it made me feel some frustration, in addition to the fact that there are stories of some side (but central) characters that are Not completely complete, and the reason may be that it was cut before the episode (and this was confirmed in one of the cases), or perhaps as a prelude to the character's emergence stronger with the upcoming works of Marvel. But whatever the reason, we felt insufficient and wanted more, especially since we had to wait a long time before the release of a movie or series that would answer these pending questions.

But on the positive side, although Wandavision apparently uses the comedy series formula, after roughly the middle of the season it turns out that it is much deeper than that, from the moment the Marvel Cinematic universe is mentioned we begin to realize that there is something bigger happening there, and that there are things It is hidden and that there are those who are manipulating what is happening, and we realize later that the series in fact deals with issues of grief, loss and pain and how that can destroy us, specifically the trauma that Wanda suffered after losing Vision in the movie Avengers: Infinity War, and the series begins to turn into something more dark Especially when he begins to provide answers to many of the questions that all viewers had in the first episodes.

But most importantly of all of the above is that the series made me care about my character, Wanda and Vision, whom I did not care much about in the Marvel Universe films compared to the large superhero crew that covered them completely, so Wandavision presents a very touching story about love, pain and memories that will leave a trace of this wonderful duo in Our hearts for a long time.

Elizabeth Olsen has excelled in playing the character of Wanda, with all aspects of her complex personality, which we see increased in complexity after Vigne's death and the pain that she has to deal with in her own way. It makes you wonder: “Wouldn't I have done the same thing if I had the ability to erase the pain? Or go to a different reality in which I live with the one I love the way I wish?” So Olsen shines in all splendor in this role, especially since the series gave her an opportunity to show a new side to her. We have never seen it before, as it is inspired in every episode of one of the classic comedy series with all ingenuity, giving it an opportunity for exclusivity and brilliance and to win a place for it in the hearts of Marvel fans, and the series gives us an opportunity to delve deeper into the story of its origin, powers and past in one of the episodes. The same applies to Paul Bettany, who has the opportunity to break out of the vision sometimes to be a real family man, and he shines in his turn, especially with the different emotions he goes through in each episode as the secrets of the series are revealed little by little.

The feature of the series is that we can say that it is not only starring Wanda and Vision, but we can consider many of the side characters as central characters in reality. As the series expands from the comic series to the Marvel Cinematic universe bit by bit, it introduces us to the SWORD organization, in addition to 3 characters from the wider common universe, whom we did not expect to want, but we end up falling in love with them even though they are forgotten from past films. They are: Agent Jimmy Woo (represented by Randall Park in a wonderful way) from the Ant-Man series, and Darcy Louise (Kat Dennings) from the Thor series, which unfortunately did not get a great opportunity as much as the rest, but it is definitely preparing for her appearance in the upcoming works. And finally, Monica Rimbaud (Teona Paris) from Captain Marvel. Not only does Captain Rambo play a major and significant role in this series, but she also paves the way for her strong appearance in future projects in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And the most prominent character among the rest is actually curious neighbor Agnes (played by Katherine Hahn). Although generally short in the episodes, Agnes gets a chance to fully develop her character, so Han creates a spectrum of performance that ranges from comedic to suspicious to dark. I will not delve deeper about the character of Agnes in order to avoid burning, but I can say that she is one of the most prominent characters that we must wait for what he will bring to the Marvel cinematic universe in the next stage.


WandaVision introduces an unexpected new formula to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which proves just how brilliant the authors and directors are in Marvel after the overwhelming confidence they have been given. The series plunges deeper into darker depths than one might think at first, and gives the characters Wanda and Vision a chance to shine after they were so immersed in front of the other Avengers in the movies that we fell in love with them. Although the series sometimes suffers from slowness and lack of reveals due to its release on weekly episodes, it succeeds in paving the way brilliantly towards the fourth stage of the wider Marvel universe, leaving us excited for the upcoming work.