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Twitter allows the use of the Security Key as the only 2FA method


 Twitter allows the use of the Security Key as the only 2FA method

Twitter Inc said it plans a future update to allow accounts that support 2FA to use security keys as the only authentication method with all other sign-in methods disabled.

Currently, you can use a security key to log into your Twitter account, but you need to enable another 2FA method, such as Authenticator App or SMS codes, as a backup.

Twitter allows the use of the Security Key as the only 2FA method

And while authentication apps like Google Authenticator or Authy are more secure than SMS codes for 2FA, security keys - physical keys that connect to a computer using USB or Bluetooth - are the most secure way to protect an account online.

Users do not have to type in code that can be intercepted by a malicious third party, nor do users have to give Twitter any additional personal information, such as a phone number, in order for them to log into their account.

Twitter also said: It allows multiple security keys across one account, as it previously only allowed one key per account, in addition to other 2FA methods.

In December, Twitter announced that it was adding support for security keys for accounts that support 2FA when users log into their mobile apps.

Twitter said: Secure your account with multiple security keys, and you can now register and log in with more than one physical key via mobile phone and the web.

2FA is an additional layer of security for Twitter accounts that requires users to use a security key or enter a code after entering the password to successfully authenticate.

This ensures that only the owner can log in and blocks malicious attempts to gain control of the account by guessing or resetting the password.

And while some influential Twitter accounts were hijacked last year despite having 2FA enabled after attackers gained access to internal management systems, users should still turn on two-factor authentication to provide better protection against less sophisticated hacking attempts.

To turn on 2FA through a Twitter account, you must go to the account menu, then to Settings and Privacy, and then to Security and Account Access, and to turn on the two-factor authentication option.