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These programs must be removed from your PC immediately


 These programs must be removed from your PC immediately

At first, open Add or Remove Programs in Windows 10, and you will see something specific in this list, and in the best case you will not need these applications, and you will also find programs that have no use and may be harmful, so you should get rid of these programs as soon as possible. 

1- Windows Media Player and QuickTime

Are you using a media player? But there are many more advanced alternatives, where you can now disable Windows Media Player by enabling or disabling Windows components, and there are some other programs that you must remove, including QuickTime, as this program was discontinued in 2016.

2- Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 11 is the latest version of this browser. It has not been used for a long time, but Microsoft made it part of Windows 10, but many of us do not use this browser except once, which is if he wanted to analyze another browser for Chrome and Firefox and then did not open it again. .

3- Windows 10 Metro applications

Microsoft has imposed a lot of applications and programs, which are known as Metro applications, on Windows 10 users, such as Maps, Weather, Xbox, OneNote, News, Sports, Finance, Mail, etc., but Metro applications have limited functions, but they are distinguished by a unique interface and it is possible if they are on a tablet device. They work fine either on a computer or laptop and are not important and should be removed.

4- pre-installed software

Any computer that you buy HP, Dell, Toshiba and Lenovo will have a set of programs installed by the company that manufactured it, such as HP Lounge, HP 3D DriveGuard, CyberLink YouCam, HP Support Assistant and HP Taskbar Windows 10, where these applications are designed To update something or to protect something, but in practice it has no benefit except that it consumes the device's resources.

5- Crapware programs

If you install a lot of programs without observing each step during the installation process, you will find yourself installing a lot of unwanted programs, and these programs are the browser toolbar and some insignificant extensions that replace your homepage and default search engine.

6- Flash Player

Once upon a time, web pages needed additional components such as Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, or Java in order to run a video or display a set of applications, but now that most modern websites have moved to HTML5, you will not need all this, especially Flash Player, because it has become a reason In the number of hacks. The subsidy has been canceled recently, and it has been announced.