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The future of Mohamed Salah is ringing the alarm in Liverpool

 The Independent: Between acceptance and rejection ... the future of Mohamed Salah is ringing the alarm in Liverpool

The English newspaper "The Independent" shed light on the future of Liverpool star Mohamed Salah, in light of speculation circulating about him recently.

The future of Mohamed Salah is ringing the alarm in Liverpool

Salah sparked speculation about his future in Liverpool during his interview with the Spanish newspaper "AS" last December.

Salah left the door to leaving Liverpool open, hinting at the possibility of his departure to Barcelona or Real Madrid.

Liverpool's poor results in the current season of the English Premier League and the possibility of failing to qualify for the Champions League have doubled speculation about Salah's future.

The English newspaper "The Independent" discussed the future of Mohamed Salah, where it stated that Liverpool's owners did not prevent the departure of their top players in earlier times, but what about the Egyptian star?

Salah will turn 29 in June, the age at which players start to think about their last big decade, and Mo can have a strong sense of his status and worth.

And he remained in front of Salah for two years in his current contract, and next summer will be the right time for his departure, but there is a problem that may prevent this from achieving, which is the bad effects of the Corona virus, which led to a sharp decline in the transfer market.

Real Madrid and Barcelona suffer from huge financial and structural problems, exacerbated by Corona, and clubs that can spend large sums prefer young players such as Kylian Mbappe, 22, and Erling Haaland, 20, and Paris Saint-Germain will see if he can replace Mbappe with Mohamed Salah, Whereas, the latter would be available to them at a low price because age plays a big role in that.

The newspaper pointed out that under these circumstances, it is unlikely that Liverpool will get the price required to sell Mohamed Salah, and it must be taken into account that club owners have achieved mixed results when it comes to the departure of their most marketed players and the purchase of their replacements.

There is Philippe Coutinho, who left for Barcelona three years ago, and Liverpool succeeded in using the money from that deal to buy Virgil van Dyck and Alison Baker.

But on the other hand, Liverpool did not manage to make good use of the money from the sale of Luis Suarez, as it was poorly spent and his substitutes, such as Emery Chan and Lazar Markovic, were unable to compensate him.

The newspaper reported that the transfer market conditions must be appropriate for Liverpool before agreeing to sell Salah and target a suitable alternative, in normal years perhaps next summer is the moment that suits both parties for the sake of separation, especially since within a year Salah will approach his last year in the decade And its value will decrease.

It must also be taken into account that there is another group of players in Liverpool of the same age as Salah, or close, such as Vinaldom, 30, Van Dyck, 29, and Mane, 29, next month, all of this will represent a real problem for the club's owners, as the departure of a striker The club and its star will give the wrong message.

The newspaper concluded by saying that this is a dangerous time in Liverpool, and it would be appropriate for everyone to sit together at the start of the transfer market and discuss the matter, noting that Salah's options are limited, and it would be stupid for Liverpool to lose its biggest star.