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The former Liverpool player is asking to sign Sancho instead of Mbappe

 The former Liverpool player is asking to sign Sancho instead of Mbappe

Former Liverpool midfielder Jason McAteer thinks the club should target Jadon Sancho instead of Kylian Mbappe this summer because the Dortmund star will suit their style better.

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Liverpool is expected to make a number of moves in the next transfer window after their disappointing season in the Premier League.

Paris Saint-Germain striker Kylian Mbappe is one of the players most closely associated with them, with rumors indicating that they may be ready to make a big show for the World Cup winner.

In remarks published in the British newspaper "Mirror", McAteer asked whether Mbappe would complement the other players in Liverpool, and he believed Sancho is the most versatile option.

"You would think I would say if I could sign any player, I would sign Mbappe, but the most important point to talk at Liverpool is the tactics," said McAteer.

He added, "Klopp tried to develop tactically. He tried to use a 4-2-3-1 plan. He tried to change it and move away from the traditional 4-3-3 method. He didn't really have the players to apply it."

And he added: "It is clear that Jota opens the possibility for this tactical change but sometimes you can become very expected, I think that Liverpool did that, in some way it became expected, and I think that is the reason why they lost some of the matches they played."

He continued: "I think that is what happened in a lot of matches this season. Liverpool failed to confront the teams that presented some kind of tactics, so I think diversity will be the way for them to start."

"I know it is a long answer, but I will sign with Jadon Sancho because he enjoys this variety," McAteer added. "I think he can play different positions. He can play left, right or down the middle if you want."
 He concluded: "He has speed and creativity. If you need something a little different then he offers it to you. He is also young and suits this Liverpool team. This is the player I will go to sign."

Dortmund may have to sell Sancho this summer to get off some of their debts, and the player has also been linked to Manchester United and Real Madrid.