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The fact that Liverpool is interested in joining Ramsey from Juventus

 The fact that Liverpool is interested in joining Ramsey from Juventus

English press reports revealed the fact that Liverpool is interested in joining the player, Aaron Ramsey, from Juventus, in the upcoming summer transfer season.

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Liverpool is associated with more than one midfielder as the departure of Dutchman Jorginho Wijnaldum approaches the end of the current season, when his current contract will expire.

According to press reports in the past two days, Aaron Ramsey is on Liverpool's radar in the Mercato next summer.

According to the English "anfieldcentral" network, sources inside Liverpool denied the reports.

She explained that Liverpool is not interested in obtaining the services of Aaron Ramsey from Juventus next summer.

She indicated that by reaching the age of 30 recently, Ramsey has become inconsistent with the Liverpool administration's transfer policy.

And she reported that despite Liverpool's contract with 29-year-old Thiago Alcantara, last summer, this was due to the availability of a good-specification player at a low price, which is an appropriate deal in light of the negative effects of the Corona outbreak.