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Solshire: We deserve no more than a draw


 Solshire: We deserve no more than a draw ... and we thank Henderson for the point

Manchester United coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer described their draw in yesterday's match with Crystal Palace in the Premier League as disappointing.

The two teams met in the context of the twenty-ninth round, where they tied goalless.

"It is disappointing. We were in a bit of a disadvantage, if you are not in your condition, you will not win the matches," Solshire said in statements published by the BBC.

He added: "Crystal Palace always makes it difficult for you, in the second half we were not good, sometimes it is related to human nature, and sometimes you do not perform at your best, today we did not do that."

And he continued:
 "It was a long season, I don't blame it because everyone has the same season."

He continued: "We continued to lose possession of the ball, there were times in the first half that we built up some pressure, and we had some decent chances but we kept giving up."

He continued:
"This is not as good as you know if you want to climb to the top of the table, you need to win, you have to gain and win the tackles, you have to fight and play the passes better, the rhythm was missing, it happens every now and then, it was not one of our best nights. Certainly".

He continued:
"Hodgson always prepares his teams to be really hard to play against. He showed it again tonight, I don't think we deserve anything more than one point."

He emphasized:
"Of course, this is a concern. When you have three clean sheets in a row, it will help you win matches, but we are not quality, we just have to find the spark and quality again and try to win the games."

Goalkeeper Dean Henderson faced a dangerous chance in the final moments of the match.

And about that, Solskjaer said: "This Manchester United goalkeeper, sometimes you have to keep focusing, he is developing, I thank him because he made us get one point instead of nothing."