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Solshire raises doubts about De Gea's participation against Manchester City


 Solshire raises doubts about De Gea's participation against Manchester City

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has sparked speculation about goalkeeper David De Gea's participation in Sunday's Premier League match.

The two teams meet in the twenty-seventh round of the tournament, at the Etihad Stadium.

De Gea missed the Crystal Palace match yesterday in the 29th round.

Solskjaer justified, before the match, which ended in a goalless draw, De Gea's absence on the grounds of personality.

"This is a private matter, and it will take the necessary time," Solshire said in statements published by the BBC World Service after the meeting.

"We go into every game with a need to win, and we want to achieve it," the Norwegian added. "We just have to focus on ourselves."

He continued:
 "We know that we are in a struggle for the first four places, so every match is important."

 Matic after Manchester United's draw with Crystal Palace: We have to win those matches

Manchester United player Nemanja Matic commented on their tie in yesterday's match with Crystal Palace, in the Premier League championship.

The two teams tied negatively in the twenty-ninth round.

Matic said in statements published by the "BBC" global network:
 "Crystal Palace played strong and solid football. They waited for their chances. They had a chance to win the match in the end."

He added, "We have to do much better, and we have to take more risks in the attack to create more opportunities."

He continued
"We are Manchester United, we have to win these kinds of matches. On Sunday we have a big match against Manchester City. We have to focus on that."

He continued:
"When we don't win we get frustrated. The feeling in the dressing room was not great. If we need to find some positives from that match, it is that we kept our nets clean."