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Shawami announces Black Shark 4 games


 Shawami announces Black Shark 4 games

The BLACK SHARK gaming products made from Shawmi's latest series of smart games phones with Black Shark 4 and Black Shark 4 Pro.

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Phones are involved in many things, with differences in the slide and camera section, but generally appears as great games.

The two AMOLED screen telephones include 6.67 inches at an update rate of 144 Hz and 720-Hz touch sampling rate.

Black Shark expects to be very density games, so the fingers of electronic sports are launched for the most specialized players.

Black Shark 4 works with SNAPDRAGON 870, while the largest brother works with SNAPDRAGON 888.

To deal with excess heat, Black Shark 4 Pro has received a liquid cooling system of two layers, located the first layer down the screen directly and envelop with the second layer slides and internal parts other value.

Shawmi says: this increases heat dissipation by 30 percent and reduces the temperature of CPU by 18 ° C.

In addition to providing a better sustainable performance, this cooling helps keep phone cooler when shipping.

The two telephon comes with a fast shipment with a capacity of 120 watts. The battery capacity is 4500 million amp, and the demonstration revealed during the event that Shaumi was able to ship from 0 to 100 percent within 14 minutes and only 50 seconds.

Another significant difference between the growers, as the big brother comes with the RAMDISK Xiaomi feature that uses RAM as a disk storage, enhances a particular application performance.

Black Shark 4 PRO contains a 64-megapixel 64-megapixel lens, with an extra 5 megapixel sensor with a 48-megapixel license with a 48 megapixel lens with a highly 8 megapixel lens, with an extra 5 megapixel sensor with 5 megapixel sensor In addition to a 20 megapixel front front camera.

These games are equipped with sensitive shoulder keys that recognize light clicking and severe pressure, allowing you to do different things with each.

The right side has two keys to switch the situation, while the fingerprint scanner is in the middle, there is no place to control sound, so the company has developed sound control buttons on the left side.

Black Shark is sold with four memory options:

  • Copy 6/128 GB for $ 383.
  • Copy 8/128 GB for $ 415.
  • Copy 12/128 GB for $ 460.
  • Copy 12/256 GB for $ 505.
The Black Shark 4 Pro is sold three memory options:

  • Copy 8/256 GB for $ 615.
  • Copy 12/256 GB for $ 690.
  • Copy 16/512 GB for $ 815.