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Shaqiri comments on comparing him to Mohamed Salah as the best left foot in Liverpool


 Shaqiri comments on comparing him to Mohamed Salah as the best left foot in Liverpool

"Shaqiri has the best left foot in Liverpool, beating even Mohamed Salah," said their teammate, defender and left back of the football first team, Andrew Robertson, in press statements in the previous period.

Shaqiri comments on comparing him to Mohamed Salah as the best left foot in Liverpool

Sky Sports took advantage of its dialogue with Shaqiri in order to comment on these statements by the Scotsman.

Shaqiri responded to Robertson's comments jokingly: "My left foot is not bad, to be honest."

And he continued, "It has been proven through training, whether in free kicks or corners. Maybe that is why they say I am the best."

"But we have a lot of good left-footed players at Liverpool, so I wouldn't say I am the best," he added at the end.

Shaqiri: The small teams have a greater chance than Liverpool at Anfield without our fans

Xherdan Shaqiri, the Liverpool striker, believes that it has become easier for other teams to play at Anfield in the absence of fans.

Liverpool is suffering at home in the current season of the English Premier League, having not won in the last 6 games.

Shaqiri said in statements published by the English newspaper "Mirror": "Everyone knows what our fans are when they support us. Everyone knows how many matches we can return to if we get a goal."

He added: "I think there are many, many games where you can see that. A lot of examples. Of course, we miss our fans a lot. For small teams it is easier to come to Anfield without fans, there is no pressure."

"You can see that in a number of ways, and in many games, the smaller teams have a greater opportunity," he continued.

He continued: "Here everything is big. People outside talk a lot. The club is so big that there are always people talking, this is normal, it is a big club and you have to deal with that because we are also a great team, every team can have ups and downs."

The Swiss continued: "We are human beings, but we are trying to remain calm. We need to return to the right track and restore confidence again to win matches, and I am sure that we will return to winning."

He stressed: "We talk a lot together and the coach gives us the right directions. I don't want to tell everyone what is being said in our dressing room, but we talk a lot and know that we have to come back strongly and present what we want on the field, we have to remain positive."