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The search for NFT on Google goes up by 300% and surpasses the search for DeFi projects

 The search for NFT on Google goes up by 300% and surpasses the search for DeFi projects

The media momentum around non-exchangeable digital codes continues.
Searching for NFT on Google rose by 300%, outpacing the search for DeFi projects

The search for NFT on Google goes up by 300% and surpasses the search for DeFi projects

The results of “Google Trends” show that searches for “NFT” have exceeded those for “DeFi” and that the search for non-exchangeable symbols (NFT) continues to grow at unprecedented rates.

Along with DeFi financing, the obsession with NFTs has risen and there is widespread hysteria about it, which can only be compared to the ICO boom in 2017.

Most of the time, search requests for the term NFT in Google lagged behind the term DeFi in terms of interest, but that has now changed.

Non-exchangeable NFT tokens continue to draw an appetite for it:

A love affair arose between art, real estate, and the digital enthusiast.

According to “Non-Fungible” data, the NFT market has grown and expanded by 300% over the previous year.

The NFT industry was valued at approximately $ 250 million.

Since then, the growth has been amazing.

Enthusiasts have set aside millions of dollars for digital artwork, NFT celebrities, digital albums, rare collectibles, and featured tweets.

Many were shocked by the recent craze for NFT, wondering why anyone would boast such gigantic numbers on digital items.

Perhaps the recent spike in NFT searches on Google illustrates the extent of the obsession and FOMO feelings related to these new digital elements.

Searches for NFTs bypassed searches for DeFi.

The number of search requests for the term DeFi peaked between January 1 and 6 before it retreated and intersected with NFT late last month.

NFT searches have ballooned since then.

Its current searches are nearly three times the number of DeFi searches.

Searches for NFTs recently overtook the peak period "ICO" searches.

NFT is currently the biggest phenomenon in the cryptocurrency industry and it's hard to ignore.

Some skeptics argue that NFT is a bubble, but its enthusiasts are not fazed as they continue to spend massive sums of money acquiring digital token assets.

NFT enthusiasts don't seem to wrap their heads around the numbers the industry is seeing, as NFT owners realize that these assets could be worth a fortune in the future.

A demonstrable example is the returns from “CryptoPunks” graphics.

“CryptoPunks” was bought for $ 15,000 in 2018, recently it sold for $ 8 million.

That's an amazing 53,000% return.