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Samsung is hosting another Unpacked event on March 17th


 Samsung is hosting another Unpacked event on March 17th

Samsung's latest product was launched just two months ago, but it looks like the South Korean tech giant has enough shiny new devices to hold another Galaxy Unpacked event on March 17th.

Samsung is hosting another Unpacked event on March 17th

The invitation to the event is called Galaxy Awesome Unpacked, and the company stated that it will explain at the event how it brings wowness to everyone.

Although the official call for the Galaxy Unpacked event does not tell us much, rumors indicate that the new products consist of a range of mid-range 5G phones, which are most likely a follow-up to last year's phones, such as the Galaxy A51.

In mid-January, Samsung unveiled its flagship phones for this year, the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus and Galaxy S21 Ultra, during an online event.

They all come with 5G, and the devices start at $ 800, which is $ 200 less than their predecessors.

Although the company lowered the price, in part due to the current environment, $ 800 may still be too expensive for millions of unemployed people during the Coronavirus pandemic, and here comes the role of the Galaxy A series.

It is interesting to see how powerful Samsung is when it comes to its next range of 5G phones, given that the Galaxy A51 was its most popular phone around the last year.

In addition, it is hoped during the Unpacked event that Samsung will provide wider support for the mmWave 5G standard across its entire line of mid-range phones, because the A51 5G comes with support for the sub-6Ghz standard only.

With the rapid expansion of 5G coverage and people starting to migrate and travel again, supporting all the major standards of 5G networks becomes increasingly important as we move into 2022.

The Galaxy A lineup includes phones with affordable prices for everyone, such as: A71 5G at $ 600, A51 5G at $ 500, A21 at $ 240, and A11 at $ 180.

The move to introduce less expensive devices is the opposite of the past few years, when Apple and Samsung set $ 1,000 as the standard base price for flagship phones.