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Rockstar ramps up its anti-cheat campaigns for GTA Online and Red Dead Online

 Rockstar ramps up its anti-cheat campaigns for GTA Online and Red Dead Online

Rockstar continues to intensify its anti-cheating and piracy campaigns in its popular games, GTA Online and Red Dead Online, in strictness, even though most of the players are strictly bound by the fair play rules and the company laws they are bound by.

Rockstar ramps up its anti-cheat campaigns for GTA Online and Red Dead Online

On the other hand, there are still huge numbers of cheaters and hackers who use various methods of cheating and deception in order to earn more money or to manipulate the laws and physics of the game and add rare items in illegal ways, although some of these actions are only intended to bring fun and change the atmosphere, such as transferring players To various forms and many random things.

Rockstar began to close the cheating services and most of the resources that come from it, in addition to the malicious software and many others, although all of these measures were not sufficient to stop some programmers from continuing their attempts to penetrate the game by any means. By selling these dangerous tools for money.

Within the blueprint for Rockstar studio in its war against piracy and fraud, a job application was monitored through the company’s website. A list of new jobs was noted for the company, which is looking for an assistant analyst and fraud watchdog, who will be tasked with collecting information about hacking groups and “Modes” online and taking appropriate action against them. Relying on that information.

Among the priorities of the new job at the studio will be monitoring and enforcing anti-fraud policies and preserving information related to fraud and fraud, in addition to controlling and supporting security, anti-fraud, support and other functions.

In the event that the company finds the right person to bear this responsibility, it will be a painful blow to piracy and cheating operations during its games, after the first painful blow was directed at closing many of the sites and sources of piracy during the past weeks.

In another topic, we mention that, starting next April, players will have to manually claim the sum of $ 1,000,000 in the GTA Online game, and Rockstar has set steps that the player will have to follow in order to ensure the opportunity to obtain this amount.

Do you think Rockstar's attempts to protect its games from cheating are paying off or are you still encountering cheating players in their games?