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Robertson: Liverpool are in a bad shape and we cannot count on the past!


 Robertson: Liverpool are in a bad shape and we cannot count on the past!

Liverpool defender Andy Robertson confirmed that his team cannot rely on the past, criticizing the current situation it is going through, after the defeat by Chelsea.

Defending champions Liverpool suffered a 1-0 defeat in the English Premier League to finish seventh in the standings with 43 points, Chelsea becomes fourth with 47 points, and leads Manchester City with 65 points.

Robertson told Sky Sports: "These matches are won or lost with a good performance and you cannot concede such goals. For us, being defeated by a counterattack is not good enough."

He added: "Five games at home without a win, this is not good enough, nothing will help the fans at home and it is simply not good enough because the matches are nearing the end and we have not achieved what we want."

And Robertson continued: "A lot drops their head sigh when we lose 1-0, we cannot do that. Football is about taking punches, we cannot rely on the past."

He continued: "Last season is over, it is over. We are not in a position that fits what the Liverpool team should be. We are falling further and this is not good enough."

Robertson concluded: "The matches are ending and we need to pressure the teams below us in the ranking. People will think that we are deteriorating and we need to obtain results to prove to them that we are not like that, at the moment we are not doing that."