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Puyol mocks Soso after Barcelona's remontada against Seville


 Puyol mocks Soso after Barcelona's remontada against Seville

Barcelona legend Carles Puyol responded to his Spanish compatriot, Soso, the Seville striker, after the Copa del Rey semi-final second leg match.

Barcelona managed to make a huge comeback, after losing 2-0 in the first leg, winning a 3-second return with a killer "See the match report".

After the first leg, Pedri confirmed in his statements that Barcelona deserved to receive a penalty, in favor of Jordi Alba, after Soso was blocked.

Soso responded to Pedri's comments with expressions on Twitter, mocking the words of the Spanish midfielder, on February 11th.

 Carles Puyol did not take long, and after Barcelona returned to the final, he responded to Soso's tweet: 
"Good afternoon!"

Puyol's tweet in 10 minutes exceeded 70,000 likes and 30,000 Retweets.

Later, Puyol explained through his account: "For me, you always have to respect your colleagues, and knowing how to lose is as important as knowing how to win."

He stressed, "Bedri did not deserve that, in football, there is nothing guaranteed."

He congratulated Barcelona and his teammates: "A wonderful comeback guys, congratulations to you."