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PolkaDot announces the approaching launch of the "Prochains" protocol


 Polka Dot announces the approaching launch of the "Prochains" protocol ... Details here

The "Bolcadot" project led by "Gavin Wood" who was co-founder of Ethereum, announced the imminent launch of the "Parachains" protocol.

Parachains are decentralized blockchain networks that connect to the backbone network and leverage its security and computing power.

Parachains are one of the building blocks of the Bolcadot system.

Initially, the plan consisted of 100 “Parachains” slots, with an auction specifying who could “rent out” “Parachains” for specific periods of time.

According to a blog posted by the "Bolcadot" team on February 25, some slots will be provided for "parachains for judgment," also known as "parachains" of the public good.

These "public good parachains" are designed to address the so-called "free rider" problem.

Solve the free passenger problem:

The free passenger problem and to understand it we give the following example:

The government decided to impose a tax on car manufacturers to compensate for the pollution caused by them. In return, the cost of vehicles increases as car manufacturers add this cost to the price of the car, which leads to new buyers paying an additional amount.

Although everyone will benefit later from a less toxic and less polluted atmosphere, those who buy a new car are the ones who contribute to improving the environment and reducing pollution. As for those who bought a car before the law was promulgated, they are considered a free passenger, and so is the case for bicycle owners.

Bolcadot wants to solve this problem known as the "free passenger" by designating a council and a technical committee to study the matter.

These boards will then decide whether to accept or deny the direct registration of some “Parachains”.

According to the blog post, system-wide “Parachains” and utility networks may appear as blockchain classes that qualify as a shared commodity chain.

In other words and in a simpler sense, any Parachains that the Bolcadot team considers beneficial to the overall ecosystem. Bridges, identity projects, smart contract platforms and governance will all be theoretically under consideration.

The following is stated in the "Bolcadot" blog:
By customizing a subset of parachain openings, the entire network can realize valuable parachains benefit that may be underfunded due to the free passenger problem.

The Bolcadot Governance System will initiate social coordination and it will be interesting to see how it helps the network evolve to meet the needs of its constituents and stakeholders.

 PolkaDot prepares to launch Prochain:

The Bolcadot team recently published a roadmap indicating that all incoming “parachains” will be tested on regular “parachain” test networks, such as “Rococo” and on the “Kusama” network.

Kusama is a test ground for parachain, which will allow developers to build, deploy and test the “Bulcadot” functions of governance, validation, filtering and verification.

Once the “parachains” are published, community members will have their say on the additional features and network upgrades that must be incorporated over time.