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Oppo outperforms Huawei in China for the first time

 Oppo outperforms Huawei in China for the first time

Oppo has become the best-selling smartphone brand in China for the first time ever, according to figures from market research firm Counterpoint Research.

The Counterpoint Research report says: Oppo managed to acquire 21 percent of the world's largest smartphone market in January, followed by Vivo with 20 percent, and Huawei, Apple and Xiaomi with 16 percent each.

Oppo outperforms Huawei in China for the first time

Oppo sales increased by 26 percent year-on-year, and up 33 percent from the previous month.

Market research firm Counterpoint Research says: The new Reno 5 series (Reno 5, Reno 5 Pro and Reno 5 Pro +) was successfully launched due to offering better specifications at a lower price point than the previous Reno 4 series.

OPPO was successfully able to reposition its product lines in 2020, and the rebranding of the Reno series and the launch of a more capable device at a lower price than its predecessor helped the company capture the premium segment at an affordable price.

For Oppo to gain market share, someone must lose it, and the report shows that Huawei's smartphone problems are taking hold in China as well.

Market research firm Counterpoint Research says: Huawei has increased its focus on the premium market due to lack of components caused by US sanctions, so Chinese distributors have been focusing on other brands for volume.

The sale by Huawei of its Honor brand - due to the sanctions - further reduces its market share, with Honor now considered a competitor.

It is noteworthy that these numbers are for one month only, but market research firm Counterpoint Research expects Huawei's market share to continue declining throughout 2021.

Oppo is looking to take advantage of this opportunity with the launch of its latest flagship phone, Find X3 Pro, which is fully announced on Thursday, and if you want to take an early look, the company just tweeted a teaser that does not leave much to the imagination.

In 2021, OPPO will focus on expanding its share in the Chinese market, along with the European market, while in emerging markets, such as: Latin America and the Caribbean, it continues to focus on low to mid-range products.