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Mohamed Salah thinks he's finished after his failure against Chelsea

 Fowler: Mohamed Salah thinks he is finished after his failure against Chelsea ... and Liverpool has to sell him

The striker of the first football team of Liverpool, Robbie Fowler, commented on the situation of Mohamed Salah at the present time with the Reds, especially after his extreme dissatisfaction with his replacement last Thursday in the Chelsea match.

Fowler: Mohamed Salah thinks he is finished after his failure against Chelsea ... and Liverpool has to sell him

Many news reports came out through the European press, according to which there is a crisis between Mohamed Salah and the coach, Juergen Klopp, and perhaps this is what opens the door for the Egyptian international striker to leave in the next summer Mercato.

Fowler wrote an article about Mohamed Salah and his situation in Liverpool, as follows:

No matter what we think about loyalty and contracts in football, the harsh reality is that it is not about what the players think, it is about what the players want.

I like the situation in which contracts mean a thing, where player loyalty is rewarded through loyalty from clubs and vice versa, but it isn't.

The tweet of an agent, Mohamed Salah, made it clear that there was a problem between Mohamed Salah and Juergen Klopp inside Liverpool, when he placed a point and here I immediately thought and realized: "Here comes the trouble."

He can write whatever he wants, but as an agent of a distinguished player, you know that whatever you write will be in the limelight, I have no idea what he meant but it is clearly a targeted tweet and if there are moves by the player and his agent for a move, the club should let him Go around.

I love Mohamed Salah, and I do not criticize his behavior, but I think that the transfer market revolves around what the players want, not the clubs, so the final decision is up to him, if he wants to leave, he must leave and the club has to accept that because it is part of football, especially if the player does not feel happy. At Anfield.

What is happening now reminds me of what Liverpool was doing with Philippe Coutinho, who wanted to leave for long periods, the club refused to sell it in the summer due to the value of Barcelona's past offer, but they agreed in January and succeeded in financing two important deals such as Virgil van Dyck and Alison, in addition to Klopp's unwillingness. In its continuation as it may affect the team's performance.

So if Mohamed Salah is really unhappy, if he is upset that his contract has not been renewed or anything else, the club should exploit that by selling him and making use of that money to support the team with some special deals.

I admire Mohamed Salah, of course, who would not be, but Liverpool did not miss Coutinho much after his departure, did he ?, and it turned out that he was not as good as people thought anyway and that the way he was playing with the team was better than Barcelona. .

It may be the same with Mohamed Salah, you will lose his goals, but is it possible to compensate for his departure? Not with an offensive deal, but rather with a player who will benefit the team in the future.

I think that Liverpool need some changes in the team, as they have had a great crisis of confidence due to the poor results during the last period, and you can see that in the Chelsea match and this is what I experienced during my career.

You think you're done, I saw it in Mohamed Salah, when he failed to outpace Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger, despite his speed known to everyone.

Sadio Mane also lacked confidence, but he was the best of the attacking trio that played with Liverpool in that match, so Klopp was right to leave him on the field, unlike Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino, who are far from their level.

There is a chance that Liverpool will return on the right track again, and end the current season in the semi-finals, but even if that did not happen, it would not be completely catastrophic despite the loss of profits in light of the Corona virus crisis.

The return of Van Dyck, and the contracting of some players who are able to compensate Mohamed Salah if he leaves even if he is loved by the fans, and apply Klopp's ideas again. We will then see the real return of Liverpool because the team does not need many changes.