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Mohamed Salah denies rumors of his escape with a picture

 Mohamed Salah denies the rumors of his escape with a picture ... and a decision for the Comoros match

Mohamed Salah, the Egyptian professional in the ranks of Liverpool, announced his arrival in Cairo on Sunday evening to join his country's next camp, by posting a picture through his accounts on social networking sites, annotating it with the Egyptian flag, to deny rumors of his evading his country's representation in the African Nations Qualifiers.

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The Egyptian national team is preparing to face its Kenyan counterpart next Thursday, March 25, in the 5th round of the upcoming African Nations Qualifiers; Before he meets his Comoros counterpart in the 6th round of the same qualifiers on the 29th of this month.

An official source in the technical staff of the Egyptian national team indicated, in exclusive statements to "Sky News Arabia" that Mohamed Salah will join the team's camp after the result of the medical swab that he will undergo to detect his safety from the Coronavirus.

And the case of Mohamed Salah's participation with his country's national team in the next two matches; This will be the first time that he will participate in his country's shirt under the leadership of the national coach, Hossam El-Badry, who was appointed to succeed the Mexican Javier Aguirre, who was sacked in July 2019; For leaving the African Nations Cup, which was hosted by Egypt.

The Egyptian professional in Liverpool missed the first and second-round matches against Kenya and Comoros in the upcoming African Nations Cup qualifiers due to injury, and he also missed the matches of the Togo team in the third and fourth round of the same qualifiers after being infected with the Coronavirus.

This will make his participation in the Kenya or Comoros match in the fifth and sixth rounds of the qualifiers besides being the first under the leadership of coach Hossam Badri, it will be his first since his appearance with the Pharaohs on July 6, 2019, against South Africa, which ended with his country's defeat with a goal and his exit from the round of 16 of the Cup The Nations of Africa 2019.

The sports critic specializing in the affairs of the Egyptian Football Association and the football team, Ahmed Abdel Basset, points out that Mohamed Salah does not avoid participating with the national team under the leadership of Hossam Al-Badri, as some say.

Abdel Basset told "Sky News Arabia" that "during Al-Badri's leadership of the national team, there was no chance for Salah to join, so two camps were canceled and he was subsequently injured on two occasions," stressing that "Salah loves to be in the ranks of the national team."

Egyptian sports critics added that if the Egyptian national team wins its first match against Kenya, it will ensure qualification and the technical staff will not pay Mohamed Salah in the Comoros match, and he may be present in part of the match to avoid the fatigue of the professional player in the ranks of Liverpool, and the coach will try other players in his position during the match.

The sports critic concluded his statements by noting that Salah did not place specific demands that he wanted in the national camp, saying: “Salah arrived as usual from the VIP lounge and was received by the guards and left the airport from an exit far from the public and the media, which is a system followed with him after his recent crisis with The Football Association ".