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Mohamed Salah cannot be compared with Messi and Ronaldo


 Zanetti: Mohamed Salah cannot be compared to Messi and Ronaldo

Inter Milan legend, Javier Zanetti, praised the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool striker, noting that he is one of the most important players in the world now.

Mohamed Salah cannot be compared with Messi and Ronaldo

Zanetti, a legend of Inter Milan and Argentina, is now vice president of the Italian club, which is close to winning the league after an 11-year absence.

Zanetti said in statements on Ontime Sport: "Mohamed Salah's choice to leave Liverpool personally, no one can say his opinion."

He added, "He is a very strong striker, and he does a great job with his team and the Egyptian national team, and now he is one of the world's stars."

He pointed out: "Can not be compared with Ronaldo and Messi, each of them strong in certain things, we are talking about three of the best players in the world."

And about the possibility of Lionel Messi joining Inter Milan: "We must respect our players. We also cannot talk about Messi while he is in Barcelona, ​​and he can complete his career there."

And about the toughest striker he has faced in his career, the Inter Milan legend said: "I faced many players, all of them at a high level."

He concluded: "Ronaldo Phenomenon was the best, he was a very difficult striker and a wondrous player."