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Microsoft renames Xbox Live to Xbox Network

 Microsoft renames Xbox Live to Xbox Network

Microsoft has officially renamed Xbox Live - the online multiplayer gaming service and digital media delivery - to the Xbox Network, and the Xbox Online Experience is updated to reflect this new name.

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And the Xbox Live name has been in use since the service appeared alongside the original Xbox in 2002, 19 years ago.

However, hints of an imminent rebranding emerged last August when the name was dropped from the updated services agreement in favor of the Xbox online service.

Microsoft said at the time that it had not rebranded the service and had no plans to discontinue Xbox Live Gold.

And the new name began appearing on the Xbox dashboard recently for beta testers, with clips uploaded via Xbox Network instead of Xbox Live.

Microsoft has now released an official statement confirming the name change, and a company spokesperson said: The Xbox Network refers to the Xbox's basic online service, which has been updated to Microsoft's service agreement.

Added: The update from Xbox Live to Xbox Network aims to differentiate the core service from Xbox Live Gold memberships.

Xbox Live Gold is Microsoft's long-running online subscription service, where players can access online games as well as some free monthly games through Games With Gold for $ 9.99 a month.

Xbox previously announced a price hike for Xbox Live Gold that would double the price for the service, but changed course and said: "The prices will not change."

The move to raise prices was severely criticized, as it came amid a pandemic and a global financial crisis, and the decision was soon reversed, and moreover, free games, like Fortnite, will no longer require Xbox Live Gold to play online.

Xbox also added Xbox Live Gold franchises to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription which also includes access to Xbox Game Pass for a total of $ 15 a month.

With the name change, this means that Microsoft's online services are now called Xbox Network.

The subscription to access online play remains called Xbox Live Gold, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also includes access to the Xbox Network, along with the game library.