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Marc Fish advises Mohamed Salah to go to Real Madrid or Barcelona

 Marc Fish advises Mohamed Salah to go to Real Madrid or Barcelona

Mark Fish, the former South African defender, gave advice to Mohamed Salah, the Egyptian professional in the ranks of Liverpool, England. During the next period.

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Mark Fish said in televised statements on "On Time Sports": "Mohamed Salah used to play in the Italian league, and if he had the desire to come back and challenge himself again, it would be a good thing."

And he continued: "But Mohamed Salah is present during this season in Liverpool, who has suffered a large number of injuries and is going through difficult stages, and he is one of the best African players beside Mani and Riyad Mahrez."

He concluded: "I will tell Mohamed Salah that you did a lot with Liverpool many times, but if you had the opportunity to move to Barcelona or Real Madrid, why not, then you have achieved with the Reds the English Premier League and Champions League and you must determine your fate."