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Liverpool fans attack Mane because of Mohamed Salah

 Liverpool fans attack Mane because of Mohamed Salah after the Wolverhampton match: He should stop being jealous

Liverpool fans attacked the team's player, the Senegalese international, Sadio Mane, after he deliberately failed to pass to his Egyptian colleague, Mohamed Salah, during the Wolverhampton match in the Premier League.

Liverpool fans attack Mane because of Mohamed Salah

Liverpool won a clean goal over Wolverhampton in the match that brought the two teams together, Monday evening, at the "Mullinho" stadium, in the twenty-eighth round of the Premier League matches.

The match witnessed the participation of our Egyptian professional, Mohamed Salah, who played from the start until the final whistle, and scored a goal that was canceled due to offside.

Liverpool fans, through the social networking site "Twitter", attacked Mane, who deliberately made more than one non-passing shot of Salah, when our Egyptian player was in a better position than him during the match.

Here are the reactions of Liverpool fans


 It seems that Mohamed Salah did not want to register today.

 Mane was very selfish today, never passing the ball to Salah, and Juergen Klopp was watching what Mane was doing without making any decision!

 Mane was so selfish today, he severely avoids passing on to Salah !!.