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Gary Neville: Liverpool are past decline, they have lost everything

 Gary Neville: Liverpool are past decline, they have lost everything

Manchester United legend Gary Neville believes that Liverpool has passed the decline stage, after the Reds lost their sixth game in a row at Anfield on Sunday to Fulham.

Gary Neville: Liverpool are past decline, they have lost everything

Liverpool ranks eighth in the English Premier League, leaving the defense campaign to a large extent, after losing to Fulham with a clean goal.

Gary Neville said in remarks carried by the English "Liverpool Echo" website: "How bad is Liverpool? They are really bad, when I say that, I mean bad considering how great they were before, we all liked the Liverpool style."

He added: "Liverpool missed their speed in playing, aggressive in their own way and style. I liked that, but now Manchester City controls everything."

He continued: "The Manchester City team is great. Don't get me wrong. It hurts me to say that they are like that, and I am a fan of Manchester United."

He pointed out: "I said before that it is acceptable for Liverpool to fail and go through difficult moments, but this is not a decline or a decline, we are talking about a collapse, a collapse in everything."

He continued: "I do not know what they are now, I am sure they do not have panic, and there is confidence in Jurgen Klopp who has experience and quality. This season is over for them, I think that construction for the next season will start in the remaining matches."

He concluded: "Liverpool must assemble their ranks and correct the course, in football there are not always good or bad days, but what is happening at the present time is strange, it seems that they have lost everything they have ever."

Do you see what Gary Neville said about Liverpool that they passed the decline and lost everything right

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