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Learn about the new features coming with Cardano's "Mary" update


 Learn about the new features coming with Cardano's "Mary" update

After a long wait, the update "Mary" of the Cardano project arrived and became available starting yesterday at 21.44 UTC.

“Mary” is the name of the new update to Blockchain Cardano.

With a simple explanation, the “Mary” update will enable the Cardano network to do exactly what Ethereum is doing, and the update will also allow Cardano to support multiple assets and enable users to create new digital currencies and stable currencies.

As he told us, "Mary" is the latest upgrade to Cardano, which will provide a similar experience to Ethereum, but without the need for smart contracts.

This means that there will be no problem with transaction fees, a problem that Ethereum has frequently encountered and has made its network nearly unusable for retail traders looking to take advantage of the decentralized financing DeFi.

With the Mary upgrade, users can enjoy the advantage of generating digital tokens, such as non-exchangeable NFT tokens, and manipulate them on Cardano.

Mary’s update links two major updates to Cardano, “Chile” and “Gauguin”, with the introduction of many new features and services that were not available in Cardano before, such as support for various digital currencies on the network, support for decentralized financing projects and protocols, as well as support for decentralized applications.

The Mary upgrade is a major upgrade that will open up an area of ​​new possibilities for both the Cardano community and the institutions that use the Cardano blockchain.

Cardano update and ADA digital currency price:

As expected.

Marie's upgrade and modernization boosted positive sentiment among the Cardano community and pushed the ADA cryptocurrency price up by 250% in the last 30 days.

Currently the ADA digital currency is among the three largest cryptocurrencies by total market capitalization.

In the past seven days, the digital currency has risen by nearly 29%, and the ADA is currently trading at $ 1.23, according to Coingecko.