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Klopp: We lack the help of the Liverpool fans

 Klopp: We lack the help of the Liverpool fans ... and we have the strength in the Champions League

The German coach, Juergen Klopp, coach of Liverpool, appeared at a press conference to talk about his team's upcoming match against Leipzig in the Champions League competition.

Klopp: We lack the help of the Liverpool fans ... and we have the strength in the Champions League

Liverpool will meet Leipzig, tomorrow evening, Wednesday, at the Puskas Arena, in the second leg of the 16th round of the Champions League.

"I've said 5,000 times before, that football will not be the sport we love if no one can see it in the stadium," Klopp said at the match press conference.

He added, "We missed the fans as we had one of the best conditions in the world. This is not an excuse but in difficult times when it can be help, they are always important. I cannot wait for the day when people are allowed to come back."

He continued: "I am happy that we have a chance to do something on Wednesday. We have had some good moments this season, against Tottenham and also West Ham."

When asked about the six defeats the team suffered at Anfield: "It has nothing to do with Anfield, but with consistency, there is nothing bad to say about Anfield, everything is fine."

He continued: "We have strength in the Champions League, Leipzig have recently achieved good results, but previous results do not affect the next match."

And about the possibility of Liverpool winning the Champions League title this season: "It is about two things, quality and football in general. You always have a chance. We have accomplished half the mission, and now there is a match we have to play, I have no doubt that we will present a suitable battle."

And about the possibility of Fabinho's return in tomorrow's match: "I don't know, we have to see. Fabinho's return is really good, but we will see if he plays or not."

It is noteworthy that Liverpool won two clean goals in the first-leg match, which brought the two teams together, last February.