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Klopp reveals his conversation with Liverpool players after the Chelsea defeat


 Klopp reveals his conversation with Liverpool players after the Chelsea defeat

Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp revealed his conversation with his players after the defeat by Chelsea in the English Premier League.

Chelsea beat Liverpool 1-0 by Mason Mount, and Klopp spoke to "Sky Sports" and "BBC".

Klopp said:
"There is one person or one group that criticizes her and it is we (the team and the coach). This is what I said to the players."

And he added, "We will not blame the circumstances. We have a good team on the field. It is not about tactics. It is about flexibility. I think these matches will be decided in moments. You have to fight at different levels. This is what I told the players."

And the Liverpool coach confirmed in his remarks:
 "I try to be as honest as possible and tell my players what I saw tonight."

Regarding Chelsea, Klopp added: "The individual quality of Mason Mount at that moment made the difference. It was a difficult and exciting match."

He continued:
 "They scored a goal that was offside, in the second half there was another counterattack. We had opportunities, including a great opportunity for Sadio Mane and other situations in which we did not score."

And Klopp added:
"The match was strong and close. Chelsea forced us to make mistakes and we did not succeed. They forced us to commit and they scored a goal."


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And he continued:
"You have to defend differently and we didn't do well in defense. There are a lot of things that you have to take into account. In the end, we met one goal, and we made a mistake with it."

And continue:
 "The other goal was offside, and you can say it was a good defense, but with all the possession we have you should have more chances."

Klopp continued:
"We should have defended better. In these matches you don't create 20 chances. You have to use a few chances available to you."

He commented:
 "It's annoying to talk about the same things over and over again. It's tough. We have to fight. These things make a difference. You have to work, be stubborn and fight hard."

Klopp stressed: "It is not about Anfield or anything else, it is in general, often at crucial moments we have to improve, we have to show our quality at this moment and we do not do that often."

Klopp pointed out the defeat, adding: "It is a heavy blow, things are not over yet, we have to win our matches."

About Chamberlain's participation, Klopp explained: "Chamberlain is training well, you have to respect that as well and show that you see him!"

And the German coach continued:
 "I said it two weeks ago, in critical situations, we should be better, I'm not in the mood now to say we're going to change this and we're going to change that. We have to fight during this period, there is no other solution."

And about the next confrontation against Fulham, Klopp commented: "Fulham is a strong opponent, there are no easy matches, but whatever happens, we must be influential, and in order to do that we must be more decisive."

And he completed the German:
"We lost the last five games at home, so we are not in a position to talk about the Champions League, if we want to change something, we need to get results, that's it."