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Klopp praises the two Liverpool before facing Fulham

 Klopp praises the two Liverpool before facing Fulham

Liverpool manager Juergen Klopp highlighted the contributions Arnold and Andy Robertson had made, both on and off the field this season.

Klopp praises the two Liverpool before facing Fulham

Klopp praised the duo, especially after continuing to deal with various and unexpected scenarios in light of the change of many players in defense.

"This is always the case, every member of our team must maintain a higher standard at all times," Klopp said in comments through the official Liverpool magazine.

He added: "Success here came after teamwork, and none of us achieves anything without everyone's contribution to it, but with the unfortunate circumstances in light of the injuries we faced, there was a great negative impact."

He continued: "This season we played 19 different partnerships in the midst of defense, and this position must be a focus in it, yet I know that everyone admires the Robertson and Arnold duo."

He stressed: "Trent was suffering from pre-season turmoil due to illness, so being out of action was a blow to him, but he came back and started playing at a high level as he always does."

"I think the way he plays in the second half of the season, when the team suffers, reflects his character and he is an incredible young man," he noted.

And Abizaid: "Robertson is a leader in the dressing room, the audience sees that Robo is always fun, when he appears in the media or jokes with his colleagues, but he is an incredibly brave person, very smart and very serious."

He continued: "We appreciate his contribution at the moment and I hope he realizes how important his character is in the group, he and Arnold are very important to the team."

Regarding the participation of Niko and Costas, he said: "They will have a big role in the upcoming matches. In training, each of them seems to be fighting to participate, and I know that, and this is what they should be."