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Klopp: I will not prevent you from leaving if we do not qualify for the Champions League


 Club for Liverpool players: I will not prevent you from leaving if we do not qualify for the Champions League

Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp has issued a strong warning to his players regarding qualifying for the Champions League next season.

Liverpool faces the specter of failing to qualify for the European championship, as it is currently ranked seventh in the Premier League table with only 43 points after 27 matches.

Klopp said in statements published by the English network "thisisanfield": "This club will not be far away from the Champions League, this year is difficult, we know that, but the capabilities and strength of the club are completely different."

He added: "The team that we have if there are no injuries, it is a different team, I do not know exactly the Liverpool team 10 years ago or anything else, but we are ready to fight a battle at this age with the team that we have together."

He continued: "Liverpool are in really good shape, despite the tough times, they are in better shape than other clubs, I think."

He continued: "It is clear that I did not think about what happened in the past, but what I can say is that I do not need to worry about the future of the club because it is in good hands and has a really good and united team, it is clear that this is the best basis for a good future."

And he added: "I know we enjoy the loyalty of the players, it is not the situation where a player in the team says now (next year we will not play in the Champions League so I have to leave), this will not happen, I know them well enough to know that, the club is in a different situation and there will not be. A problem with new players, I can't see that. "

He stressed: "If that happens, I said years ago, if the player does not want to come to us because we will not play in the Champions League next year, then I do not want him, and if a player wants to leave us because we do not play in the Champions League, I do not want him."

He concluded, "It's not personal, but it's always like this. You always need to find the right team for the challenges you face, that's the case, nothing worries me."