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Klopp explains the reason for replacing Mohamed Salah against Chelsea and comments on his reaction


 Klopp explains the reason for replacing Mohamed Salah against Chelsea and comments on his reaction

Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp explained the reason for replacing Mohamed Salah in the team's match yesterday against Chelsea in the English Premier League.

And Klopp substituted a double, as he took out Salah and Jones and pushed Bjota and Chamberlain in the 61st minute, in a match that Chelsea won with a goal without response.

Klopp said in statements to "Sky Sports":
 "I wanted to revitalize the stadium with new players. Mohamed Salah seemed to suffer a little today, and played a lot of matches. I could have replaced Mane or Firmino, and this is quite clear."

The Liverpool coach continued, explaining: "But at that moment it seemed that Salah should be replaced, as well as I decided to involve Milner to wake up the team a little and maintain the balance."

And Klopp added: "Salah looked frustrated, this is not a problem, I could have changed others, but he seemed to feel the intensity of the match, and I did not want to risk him, I have known him for a long time and he usually looks refreshed, and this was a sign of not risking him." .

Regarding Mohamed Salah's reaction to his exit, the German completed his statements: "Everything is fine, and I am making decisions that I think are appropriate at the present time."

Carragher and Redknapp comment on Klopp's decision to replace Mohamed Salah against Chelsea

Jimmy Carragher and Jimmy Redknapp, the stars of Liverpool, commented on the angry reaction of Mohamed Salah after his coach Juergen Klopp replaced him early in the second half of the Premier League defeat by Chelsea.

Liverpool suffered a defeat by Chelsea with a goal scored by Mason Mount, and the German coach chose to make a double substitution in the 62nd minute, with Gota and Alex Oxlade Chamberlain entering instead of Salah and Jones.

Cameras showed the Premier League's top scorer (17 goals), furious at the decision, and nodded as he walked off the field, before walking straight in front of his coach and sitting on his bench on the bench at Anfield.

In fact, the decision also left Liverpool legend Carragher at a loss, and he said on Sky Sports:
  "I am really amazed that Mohamed Salah has come out, he himself does not seem very happy."

Carragher added:
  "Liverpool needs a goal and Mohamed Salah is the best scorer in the English Premier League."

For his part, former Liverpool star Jimmy Redknapp commented to "Sky Sports":
"You substituted your best player after 65 minutes. Something's wrong."

The defending champion fell from first to seventh due to his negative results, and suffered against Chelsea led by Thomas Tuchel, who dealt a heavy blow to them in their attempt to secure the top four.