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Klopp chooses the most consistent player in Liverpool this season


 Klopp chooses the most consistent player in Liverpool this season

Jurgen Klopp confirmed that his team faces a great challenge in the competition for a place among the top 4, to qualify for the Champions League next season.

Liverpool are suffering this season and are now in sixth place with 43 points, and they seek to beat Chelsea tomorrow, in order to climb to fourth place.

Liverpool face Chelsea on Thursday in the 29th round of the Premier League at Anfield Road.

Klopp said in statements to the press conference about the match: "A week ago we were out of the race for the Champions League places, but now we are trying again."

He added: "The challenge is clear. We face a big challenge. Winning matches is the most important thing. We cannot make a difference. We know the quality of the teams we face, not only Chelsea, there are Tottenham, West Ham and Leicester City."

He added: "This is exciting for our fans, but I know that they are not happy with what we have presented recently, but we will fight to achieve a position that makes them happy."

He pointed out: "It is very important that you talk to the club's legends, I heard Ian Rush talking about our team, and I think it is logical, as well as funny and fun, it is very nice, when we hear the old players in the club, we benefit a lot."

On the team's condition, Jurgen said:
 "Fabino can play in defense and in the middle, the most stable player this season, Vinaldom, plays in the 6th and 8th position, but in the presence of Fabino, the two can participate together, and they both have different roles and duties."

He concluded: "In defense we participated with many players, 18 different players. Stability is important in this position. I heard that people criticize Kabak and Phillips against Sheffield. It is difficult to please people. We have made many changes, and we may get used to the situation over time."