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Klopp announces Alison's return in the Liverpool and Chelsea match


 Klopp announces Alison's return in the Liverpool and Chelsea match and confirms: Tuchel will be deceiving!

Jurgen Klopp, the German coach of Liverpool, confirmed the readiness of Brazilian goalkeeper Alison Becker to face Chelsea tomorrow.

Liverpool face Chelsea on Thursday in the 29th round of the Premier League at Anfield Road.

Klopp confirmed in the press conference for the match: 
"Alison is ready and will return to form the team against Chelsea. Fabinho appears ready for the team, Jota is improving, and we will see what happens."

And about his relationship with Thomas Tuchel:
 "I don't care who is the best German coach in the Premier League, I am only interested in the match, Thomas too."

He added, "We have a common history. We worked in Mainz and Dortmund. We know a lot and disappoint a great coach."

He noted: "Tuchel will be deceptive as always. In the matches Chelsea played with him, they were good, different formations, he got to know the team and added a lot of changes."

He continued: "Tochel played with all the left-back players, Mount also developed with him and Kovacic, the whole team changed with Thomas."

He concluded: "It is difficult to get the possession of more than Chelsea, we must defend them well, and be patient in some moments, their team shows great desire, and they show creativity with Tuchel."