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Jota hints at the absence of Mohamed Salah from the Liverpool and Fulham match

 Jota hints at the absence of Mohamed Salah from the Liverpool and Fulham match

Liverpool player Diego Jota hinted that Mohamed Salah was not in the starting lineup during tomorrow's match against Fulham.

The two teams meet in the twenty-seventh round of the English Premier League.

Today, Saturday, press reports stated that coach Juergen Klopp may resort to resting Salah on the bench in tomorrow's match ... (To see the details from here).

This comes two days after Salah was angry, on Thursday evening, at Klopp's decision to substitute him against Chelsea in the 62nd minute of their match in the 29th round.

For his part, Jota raised more speculation about the possibility of Mohamed Salah leaving the starting line-up for Liverpool against Fulham tomorrow.

The "FPL Insider" account on Twitter stated that Jota made a change in his squad through the Fantasy game.

He explained that the Portuguese replaced his teammate Mohamed Salah with Manchester City player Kevin De Bruyne.

It could be a night when Jota knows that he will start tomorrow's game against Fulham, instead of Salah.

The aforementioned account monitors the movements of football players in the fantasy game.

Aston Villa had previously prevented his player from playing the fantasy game, as they indirectly caused news of the team’s formation to leak, as happened with Jack Grealish.

Grealish had suffered an injury that kept him out of recent Aston Villa matches.

The news of Grealish's injury was leaked on social media two days before it was officially announced, due to two of his teammates removing him from their squad in Al-Fantasy.