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Important applications to become an Instagram celebrity


 Important applications to become an Instagram celebrity

The Instagram application does not contain a feature to know who unfollowed your account, as it leaves you wondering who canceled the follow-up and why the number of followers decreased. So in this post, we will explain two of these applications.

1-FollwMeter application

It is a great application that gives you a complete analysis of inactive followers as well as about accounts interacting with posts
The app asks you for permission to log into your Instagram account in order to track, analyze and display your data for you in a simple way
By clicking on the UnFollweres tab, a list will appear with everyone who has canceled following your account after installing this application. Each account is displayed separately and next to a sign indicating its status, whether followed or not followed, and when you click on any account it directs you directly to the account page

2-Reports + app

It is like the previous application, but it is distinguished by protection as it saves your data locally on your phone and does not upload it to external servers. Moreover, it notifies you first Powell through notifications when one of them canceled following your account so that you can follow your account first Powell as it allows the registration of accounts You can keep track of them all at the same time and it contains other features like the previous application, but it comes paid

What do you do after knowing who unfollowed you ?? You simply write to him and ask him about the reason for canceling the follow-up, and if the mistake was from you, you would fix it. When the followers see your humility and your eagerness to please them, they will not cancel your follow-up, but rather they will tell their friends about you, and thus the followers will increase.
These apps are fought off from Instagram, so you cannot track your followers before installing them