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How to use the new features in the TikTok anti-bullying app


 How to use the new features in the TikTok anti-bullying app

The application (TikTok) TikTok is one of the social networking applications that have very high rates of prevalence of bullying and bullying directed at content makers, especially teenagers, so the company began implementing many new strategies to combat bullying and reduce it to maintain the safety of application users.

In December 2020, it began implementing stronger anti-bullying and cyberbullying policies, and last week it introduced two new features that help the user block offensive and harmful comments.

How to use the new features in the TikTok anti-bullying app

First: The new comment approval feature in the TikTok app:

TikTok previously provided a feature that allows users to filter comments by keyword so that they can prevent insults, profanity, or other problematic content from being posted on their videos.

And now it has expanded the feature as the application can now hide all new comments in posts until the user reviews and approves them, as messages that he generally approves of will appear in the comments section, while comments that the user ignore will be permanently blocked.

To enable and enable the review of new comments in the TikTok app, follow these steps:

  • Open the TikTok app and then go to your personal account.
  • Click on the three dots in the top left hand side.
  • From the menu that appears to you, press the option (Privacy) Privacy.
  • On the next screen, tap on the option (Who can comment on my videos).
  • Select Comment filters.
  • Switch the button next to Filter all comments to ON.

To see all pending comments, follow these steps:

  • Return to the Comment filters list.
  • Click on the "Review filtered comments" option.
  • Tap any comment, then decide whether you want to delete it or agree to post it.

Second: Using artificial intelligence to review comments:

In addition to the new comment review tool, the TikTok app now automatically scans comments before the user publishes them, by using artificial intelligence to identify language that conflicts with service policies.

Hence, if a comment is found containing one of the banned words previously saved in TikTok's AI algorithms, a warning will appear to the user telling him that the comment he wants to post may violate the rules while giving him an opportunity to review the comment or post it anyway.

However, users will not be prevented from writing potentially offensive reviews, as users can bypass TikTok warnings and requests to reconsider and post their comments anyway.

But often even if they do, the owner of the video is expected to be able to block the comment at the end by using the approval feature of previous comments and preventing it from appearing in the comments section of their post in the TikTok app.