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Hidden feature present in all phones to remove more than one Android application in one go


 Hidden feature present in all phones to remove more than one Android application in one go

One of the most important features of the Android system is that it is a new open source system, and this means that there are a large number of programmers who help in creating and developing applications. If you use the Android system, you will find in its store a very large base of applications available for download that have been developed for all purposes that may be needed. The user, and because of the large number of these applications, we download new applications and games to try them continuously, which leads to the presence of a large number of unused applications that cause an increase in the area of the device and the large number of existing and non-useful applications.

But in many times, we may need to uninstall all or some of the applications, but uninstalling a large number of applications in the traditional way is very tiring and wasting time, so I will offer you a way to remove more than one application or game in one step and without using additional applications.
This method depends on the source of the applications itself, which is the Play Store application store, before anything, make sure that the application store is updated to the latest version, after that just click on the side menu icon in the top left of the main interface and then go to the My Apps & Games section and from the top bar Go to the Installed menu, where you will find a list of installed applications from the store

Click on the "Storage" bar. You will find a list of all applications and games

Select the application that you want to remove by means of a selection box next to each application with the ability to select more than one application, and after selecting the applications or games that you want to remove, you will find the Free Up icon at the bottom of the screen that shows the total size of the applications that have been selected. Once you click on them, all of them will be removed. The applications you have selected are quite easy and fast.

This method uninstalles applications that were installed or updated through the application store only, so you will not find any application that was installed from an external source in the list.