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Hacked data from one of the world's biggest VPN apps ... Hurry to delete it


 Hacked data from one of the world's biggest VPN apps ... Hurry to delete it

VPNs are ideal for protecting our anonymity on the Internet and for encrypting our communications when we browse networks that we do not know if they are 100% secure. However, it is important to choose a good service to prevent our data from getting into or hacking into the hands of the authorities. Now, the latter is what happened to one of the most used VPNs in the world.

This was revealed by CyberNews, which said that one of the most used VPNs on Android has been hacked, and that the data of 21 million users is already for sale online. Specifically, a user of the popular hacking forum sells three databases that contain credentials and device data obtained from three different hacked VPN services:

SuperVPN, GeckoVPN, and ChatVPN.

The leaked information includes email addresses, usernames, full names, country of residence, encrypted passwords, payment details, subscription status, and subscription expiration. To this personal data, we must also add that the data from the devices used have been leaked, such as the serial number, device model, unique identifier and IMSI.

According to Google data, SuperVPN has over 100 million downloads. GeckoVPN has over 10 million downloads, and ChatVPN has over 50,000 downloads. None of the three VPN services have confirmed the hack yet.
The person responsible for the breach claims that the data was extracted from publicly available databases that the VPN providers used to protect, making it easier for the attacker to obtain the data. That should be added to the fact that the privacy policy of these services is far from being the best, as it appears to record a lot of user information.

Therefore, it is best to immediately stop using these VPN services, change the account password, and also change it in case the password is reused in another service.