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Google Maps brings a useful feature of Waze ... Here are the details


 Google Maps brings a useful feature of Waze ... Here are the details

Google is including more features in the Google Maps application on a regular basis, and although most of these features are considered original, at the same time, it does not object to some features of its (Waze) application as well to support its basic application.

As it recently introduced a feature in the Google Maps application that warns users when approaching railroad crossings and knows the amount of time that delays may occur as a result of crossing trains, a feature previously available in the (Waze) application.

What are the details?

This feature has not been officially announced by Google, as it usually issues a blog post explaining the pros of any new feature or design that comes to the Google Maps application, instead a member of the Reddit forum discovered the feature.

However, this feature will be very useful, especially if you live in an area with a lot of train crossings, to see if you will be late based on the time the train is passing by giving you the option to take another route if you wish.

The downside, however, is that you cannot know exactly how long you have to wait, instead you can only track train traffic if you are planning to pass through a crossing.

It is worth noting that this is just one of the many features that the (Waze) app focuses on, which allow you to obtain information about traffic jams and accidents on the roads, in addition to providing a feature for drivers to help each other by reporting risks, problems, or traffic jams. That appear on the map in real time.

Knowing that the feature of train traffic notifications in Google Maps is currently being offered to users in all cities of the United States of America, before expanding to other countries, so you should check the application constantly in the coming period, especially if you live in an area with many trains where you can At least receive a pre-action warning that gives you an option to see if there are any other methods available.